Kilimanjaro 9 days lemosho route 2024

The new update: 14 June 2024!

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Tour Overview:

Kilimanjaro 9 days Lemosho route: A challenging yet rewarding trek with stunning vistas and unforgettable experiences.

On a 9-day journey up Kilimanjaro's Lemosho route, traversing diverse landscapes from lush rainforest to alpine desert. With expert guides and breathtaking scenery, this expedition offers an unforgettable adventure to Africa's highest peak.

Day 1: Arrival in Moshi;

Your journey begins with your arrival in Moshi, Tanzania. Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you'll be transferred to your hotel in Moshi. Spend the rest of the day resting, meeting your guide, and preparing for your trek. Overnight stay in Moshi.

Day 2: Moshi to Lemosho Gate to Mti Mkubwa Camp;

After an early breakfast, you'll embark on a scenic drive to the Lemosho Gate, the starting point of your trek. At the gate, you'll complete registration formalities and meet your trekking team. The trek begins with a hike through lush rainforest, where you may encounter monkeys and various bird species. After approximately 4-5 hours of trekking, you'll arrive at Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,750 meters), where you'll spend the night. Enjoy dinner and rest in the tranquility of the forest.

Day 3: Mti Mkubwa Camp to Shira 1 Camp;

Today's trek takes you through the rainforest and into the heath and moorland zone as you ascend further. The trail offers panoramic views of Kilimanjaro's western slopes and the surrounding landscape. After approximately 5-6 hours of hiking, you'll reach Shira 1 Camp (3,505 meters), your accommodation for the night. Enjoy dinner and rest as you acclimatize to the increasing altitude.

Day 4: Shira 1 Camp to Shira 2 Camp;

After breakfast, you'll continue your ascent towards Shira 2 Camp (3,850 meters). The trail traverses the Shira Plateau, a vast expanse of high-altitude desert with stunning views of Kilimanjaro's volcanic formations. After approximately 4-5 hours of trekking, you'll arrive at Shira 2 Camp, where you'll spend the night. Dinner will be served, followed by a restful sleep.

Day 5: Shira 2 Camp to Barranco Camp;

Today's trek involves a gradual ascent to the Lava Tower (4,630 meters), a volcanic formation offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This section of the trail provides an excellent opportunity for acclimatization before descending to Barranco Camp (3,960 meters). The descent to Barranco Camp involves some steep sections and scrambling over rocky terrain. After approximately 6-7 hours of trekking, you'll arrive at Barranco Camp, where you'll spend the night. Enjoy dinner and rest as you prepare for the challenges ahead.

Day 6: Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp;

After breakfast, you'll tackle the Barranco Wall, a thrilling ascent that rewards you with breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. The trail then traverses the alpine desert, offering stunning vistas of Kilimanjaro's glaciers. After approximately 4-5 hours of hiking, you'll arrive at Karanga Camp (3,995 meters), where you'll spend the night. Take the opportunity to rest and hydrate as you prepare for the final push to the summit.

Day 7: Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp;

Today's trek takes you to Barafu Camp (4,673 meters), the final camp before the summit bid. The trail ascends steadily, offering panoramic views of the glaciers on Kilimanjaro's summit. As you approach Barafu Camp, you'll notice the landscape becoming more barren and inhospitable. Upon reaching Barafu Camp, you'll have lunch and spend the afternoon resting and mentally preparing for the summit push. Dinner will be served early, and you'll have an early bedtime to prepare for the summit attempt.

Day 8: Summit Day - Uhuru Peak, Descend to Mweka Camp;

You'll wake up in the middle of the night to begin your summit attempt. The trek to the summit starts in darkness, following a steep and challenging trail to Stella Point (5,685 meters), located on the crater rim. From Stella Point, it's a relatively flat but physically demanding trek along the crater rim to Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters), the highest point in Africa. After celebrating your achievement at the summit, you'll begin the descent back to Barafu Camp for a short rest and refreshments. From Barafu Camp, you'll continue descending to Mweka Camp (3,100 meters), where you'll have dinner and spend the night.

Day 9: Descend to Mweka Gate, Transfer to Moshi;

After breakfast, you'll begin the final descent towards Mweka Gate (1,640 meters), where you'll sign out with the park authorities and receive your summit certificates. Your transfer will be waiting to take you back to Moshi, where you can celebrate your Kilimanjaro conquest and reminisce about the unforgettable experiences of the past nine days.

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