Kilimanjaro 6 Days Rongai Route 2024

The new update: 14 June 2024!

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Tour Overview:

Trek Kilimanjaro's Rongai Route in 6 days, traversing rainforests, alpine zones, and reaching the summit for an unforgettable experience.

on a 6-day Kilimanjaro journey via the Rongai Route. Traverse diverse terrains, from rainforests to alpine zones, culminating in the triumph of Uhuru Peak. Descend with memories of a challenging and rewarding ascent on the less-traveled path.

Day 1: Commence your 6-day Kilimanjaro expedition through the Rongai Route,

 starting at the Nale Moru village. Trek through dense rainforests, encountering unique flora and fauna. Reach the Simba Camp, your first overnight stop situated at an elevation of 2,600 meters, surrounded by the enchanting sounds of the forest.

Day 2: Ascend through the moorland zone,

traversing expansive landscapes and enjoying panoramic views of the Kenyan plains. Arrive at the Kikelewa Camp, nestled amidst the alpine meadows at 3,600 meters. The changing terrain offers a glimpse into the diverse ecosystems leading to the summit.

Day 3: Continue your journey through the alpine desert,

 crossing the lunar-like landscape towards Mawenzi Tarn. Settle at the camp situated at the base of Mawenzi Peak, acclimatizing to the increasing altitude and preparing for the challenges ahead.

Day 4: Ascend to the Kibo Hut,

 positioned at 4,700 meters, your base for the summit bid. The changing terrain and elevation demand careful acclimatization. Rest and hydrate in preparation for the challenging ascent to Uhuru Peak.

Day 5: Summit day unfolds with a pre-dawn start.

Traverse the challenging terrain, reaching the Gilman's Point before the final push to Uhuru Peak, the highest point on Kilimanjaro. Descend to the Horombo Hut, celebrating your accomplishment.

Day 6: Descend through the moorland and rainforest zones,

 retracing your steps towards the Nale Moru village. Arrive at the trailhead, concluding your 6-day Rongai Route adventure with a profound sense of achievement and memories of the diverse landscapes overcome on the journey to Kilimanjaro's summit.


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