Kilimanjaro 2 Days marangu route 2024

The new update: 14 June 2024!

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Tour Overview:

Kilimanjaro 2 Days marangu route, Settle in at the hut and enjoy a packed lunch surrounded by the natural beauty of Kilimanjaro.

While a two-day hike on the Marangu Route is not typically recommended due to the altitude and distance needed for acclimatization, We provide an outline for a shortened version of the trek for 2 Days marangu route. Please note that while this shortened trek provides a glimpse of the Marangu Route and allows you to experience the beauty of Kilimanjaro's rainforest, it does not include a summit attempt and is not a substitute for a longer multi-day trek to the summit. Additionally, proper acclimatization is crucial for a safe and enjoyable trek on Kilimanjaro.

Tour Itinerary for Kilimanjaro 2 Days Marangu Route Trekking

Day 1: Marangu Gate to Mandara Hut

Start your trek early in the morning with a departure from your hotel or office in Moshi or Arusha. Arrive at the Marangu Gate, the starting point of the Marangu Route, and complete park formalities.

Begin your hike through the lush rainforest of Kilimanjaro, following the well-marked trail. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest as you ascend gradually. Keep an eye out for wildlife such as monkeys and birds along the way.

After several hours of hiking, reach Mandara Hut (2,700 meters), your halfway point for the day. Settle in at the hut and enjoy a packed lunch surrounded by the natural beauty of Kilimanjaro.

Take some time to explore the area around Mandara Hut or relax and rest in preparation for the next day's hike.

Day 2: Mandara Hut to Marangu Gate

Wake up early and enjoy breakfast at Mandara Hut before beginning your descent back to Marangu Gate. Follow the same trail through the rainforest, taking in the sights and sounds once again.

Arrive back at Marangu Gate in the late morning or early afternoon. Complete park formalities and bid farewell to your guide and porters.

Transfer back to your hotel or office in Moshi or Arusha, where you can relax and reflect on your two-day trek on the Marangu Route.

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