8 Days Tanzania Private Safari 2024

The new update: 14 June 2024!

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Tour Overview:

Discover Tanzania's beauty in an 8-day private safari, traversing Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, and the vast Serengeti. Immerse yourself in exc

on an 8-day private safari through Tanzania's iconic landscapes. Tailored game drives, exclusive accommodations, and wildlife encounters create a unique and unforgettable safari narrative.

Day 1: Embark on your 8-day private safari in Tanzania with a journey to Tarangire National Park.

 Renowned for its elephant herds and scenic landscapes, spend the day on game drives, encountering diverse wildlife. Settle into your exclusive accommodation, a serene retreat in the heart of nature.

Day 2: Explore Tarangire further,

 delving into its varied ecosystems. Witness the Tarangire River's allure and the rich birdlife, capturing the essence of this unique national park. Your private guide tailors the experience, ensuring an intimate and personalized encounter with the wilderness.

Day 3: Proceed to Lake Manyara National Park,

famous for its tree-climbing lions. Navigate the park's diverse terrain, from dense forests to open plains. Enjoy a private and flexible safari experience, uncovering the park's hidden gems and capturing memorable moments.

Day 4: Embark on a journey to the Ngorongoro Crater,

a natural amphitheater teeming with wildlife. Descend into the crater's floor for an exclusive game drive, witnessing the intricate dynamics of predator and prey. Your private safari allows for unhurried exploration and in-depth wildlife observation.

Day 5: Continue your Tanzanian adventure with a transfer to the iconic Serengeti National Park.

Immerse yourself in the vast savannah, exploring its diverse landscapes and wildlife. Your private guide tailors each game drive to your preferences, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience.

Day 6: Dedicate a full day to Serengeti exploration,

 tracking the Big Five and witnessing the Great Migration if timed right. Your private safari allows for flexibility, enabling you to follow wildlife patterns and experience the raw beauty of the Serengeti at your own pace.

Day 7: Delve deeper into the Serengeti's secrets with your private guide.

Traverse remote areas, uncovering hidden gems and encountering wildlife in solitude. The exclusive nature of your safari ensures an intimate connection with the Serengeti's natural wonders.

Day 8: Conclude your 8-day private safari in Tanzania with a final game drive in the Serengeti.

 Capture any missed moments and bid farewell to this extraordinary landscape. Depart with a wealth of memories, having experienced Tanzania's iconic parks in private luxury, creating a safari narrative tailored to your desires.

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